• 1866   Wilhelm Buchholz founds the comb factory "Buchholz & Co."
  • 1950   Mr. Karl Bock acquires our current company premises
  • 1977   Karl-Heinz Bock joins the company
  • 1981   Expansion of the production department by a new building of 1.300m²
  • 1986   Further expansion of the production department by 1.100 m²
  • 1996   Company Bock qualifies according to ISO 9001
  • 2000   Inauguration of the new high-bay warehouse and dispatch building of 1.200 m²
  • 2002   Introduction of ERP and PPS system with control station
  • 2007   Entry into 2-components-technology
  • 2007   Company Bock qualifies according to EMAS
  • 2010   First use of electric injection moulding machines
  • 2013   Mr Felix von Möller takes over the company
  • 2014   Investment in 2-components-technology, toolmaking and machinery
  • 2016   150 years innovation from the Black Forest
  • 2017   Asset Deal of FKS-Kunststoffe GmbH including a production area of 3500 m²


Together with our customers, we develop plastic material appropriate pieces and thereby we are including your wishes and requirements. 

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Tool making

From the tool to the finished product. Precision is our strength. For a high-end, efficient and a durable product a precised tool is essential for the production. 

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Plastics processing

The latest technology guarantees you a high quality and adherence to delivery dates.
The MDE- and ERP-system from www.comtas.de and www.infor.de

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Do you want that your plastic components are printed? Then simply let us do all the work for you. 

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Assembly department

Both complete modules and finished sales units; the parts will be assembled in our assembly department. 

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The Production data acquisition and the production planning system with control panels guarentee the execution

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