Bock! Your partner from the development to the finished
or assembled plastic component  

Already in the development of a plastic component, our customers have all access to our knowledge referring to the material property, article design, tool making technique and plastics processing.
Together with our customers we are developing the perfect product according to the requirements. Important for us is the quality and the cost efficiency. We use for this purpose the latest simulation processess, i.e. filling sudies or warpage simulations. If the customers has the request, we produce with the help of product drawings prototypes by employing various manufacturing processes. The customer receives thanks to the prototypes realistic demonstration models for evaluation and testing. 


Together with our customers, we develop plastic material appropriate pieces and thereby we are including your wishes and requirements. 

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Tool making

From the tool to the finished product. Precision is our strength. For a high-end, efficient and a durable product a precised tool is essential for the production. 

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Plastics processing

The latest technology guarantees you a high quality and adherence to delivery dates.
The MDE- and ERP-system from and

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Do you want that your plastic components are printed? Then simply let us do all the work for you. 

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Assembly department

Both complete modules and finished sales units; the parts will be assembled in our assembly department. 

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The Production data acquisition and the production planning system with control panels guarentee the execution

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